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2. They are highly intelligent.
If you are planning to date Russian women, be prepared for surprises. Russian women are not only beautiful but also they are highly intelligent. They are educated and follow the trends in the world scene. The surprising fact about them is their rational responses and contributions to issues of discussion. Besides, their intelligence is evident in their ability to detect lies.
3. They are fashion conscious.
 Russian girls are so fashion conscious that you could hardly tell when they let their hair down. They carefully select colorful clothes to make a perfect blend. Even when they are going to drop waste bin, they still look gorgeous in short and high heels.
4. They have excellent cooking skills.
Russian girls are well brought up to understand that the first way a woman can take care of her man is by cooking delicious meals for him. They know how to prepare different cuisines to the satisfaction of the men.
5. They love having a family.
The first wish of a Russian girl is to have a great man and have her children. They are very family-oriented and would leave whatever it takes to keep their home.
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