Everybody is aware that fake products are made because of high demand for great and original products. Such fake producers aim at robbing innocent buyers of the hard-earned money. However, it would be wrong to believe that those fake products are made by the original manufacturers.
In the same way, Russian girls scam became popular because of the impostors who realized that men from all over the world are falling in love with Russian girls in large numbers. It is not news that men prefer Russian women to other women due to some reasons and qualities that rank them higher than their womenfolk. Consequently, some impostors started to use photos of Russian girls to create fake profiles and extort money and other valuables from men who thought they were corresponding with genuine Russian girls.
To avoid falling victim to Russian girls scam, consider the tips below.
1. Verify the security measures the dating site puts in place.
You have to make sure that the dating site you want to use has a good security policy to protect your information and also verify or authenticate every subscriber to prevent the occurrence of scam. If the site you joined did not ask for any verification, it is likely to be weak for your security. At least, subscribers should be called upon to verify their registrations through emails and /or phone.
2. Check the tone of communication of the woman.
It is expected that the girl you are meeting for the first time should take some time to correspond with you to know be familiar with you before telling you she loves you. The impostors will try to manipulate you right from the first correspondence by playing on your emotions by using sweet words. The impostor may start to send you nude pictures and use dirty words to make you fantasize.

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3. The impostor will request money from you.
This is where the scammers go for the kill. The scammer starts telling you that she wants to visit you in your country; and that you should send some money to her for visa processing, ticket, or that she needs money to take care of her old parents’ health or mortgage. She might even send you fake travel documents to deceive you that she is indeed coming to meet you in your country so that you can transfer money to her. Beware, you are about to be scammed.
4. Do not correspond through a different email from the one on her profile.
It is typical of scammers to ask their victims to communicate with them through an email that is different from the email they used to register with the online dating site that shows on her profile. It is a ploy to take you on a scamming process. For the time you are getting to know each other, limit your communication to the tools provided by the dating site.
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