Top reasons why Russian girls are highly available

The best apps to meet a Russian beauty

No. 3. Badoo

No. 2. AnastasiaDate

No. 1. Brilic

How to date a Russian girl online and offline



Top reasons why Russian girls are highly available

It’s hard to name any other country where women would be mutually interested in western men to such a high degree as in Russia. With their natural beauty and good values, they are so desirable.

From their side, they want to either make their monotonous life brighter having an affair with a foreigner, or even to relocate to his country and change their destiny completely.

Russian women have many real reasons for that: a wide-spread alcoholism among their local men, financial destabilisation of the country, terrible climate, being limited in travelling.

Russia surely cannot be compared with the Philippines where girls are screaming of happiness even if a tourist throws a few dollars to them, and they are happy to date just any westerner.Russian girls

Black men, fat men, bald men, very old men who didn’t find a mate in their country for any reason, can be sure they will be greatly welcomed and greatly loved in the Philippines.

Russian women aren’t that desperate, they can be even selective, but definitely not too demanding. First of all, they do not see a problem in a big age gap, if there’s understanding and care.

Despite some people’s fears and negative stereotypes, Russian girls don’t mind a partner with an average income. They know there are serious side effects in dating a wealthy man.

“I have never been looking for a rich partner from the West”, Darina from Moscow says. “I didn’t want any problems with his wealthy family, business partners, or multiple lovers”.

It’s very typical for Russian ladies to date an average employee from the US or UK but who would have enough resources for flying there and back and helping them out with a visa.

After relocating, if it takes place, younger girls tend to work as waiters or dog walkers while re-doing their education, and mature women are ok with working as maids, hostesses, babysitters.

A jellyfish type of girlfriend who just wants to sit in her new iPhone all days doing nothing, is actually rare in Russia. Even models who are wrongly considered the gold diggers, work very hard.

One just has to avoid spoiled daddy’s girls in Moscow which happen in any big city and especially the capital. Date only good girls and there are thousands of them in Russia.


The best apps to meet a Russian beauty

Since Russian women are as interested in foreigners as foreigners are interested in them, they are spending a lot of time in international dating apps. Here are the most popular of them.

No. 3. Badoo

The good thing about this app is that high quality girls and businesswomen are joining it too. It is considered safer and more prestigious than Tinder which is reportedly good for quick sex only.

There are different categories of women on Badoo. Some are just flattered to be favourited by someone, while the others hope to set up the real meeting. They know foreigners use Badoo a lot.

However, it isn’t very convenient for chats or long messages, plus, it isn’t focused on Russia much so there is always some confusion with the regions and a person’s territorial a Russian beauty

No. 2. AnastasiaDate

Even being heavily criticized, this dating app remains one of the leaders for ages. Where else could you find literally millions of model-looking Russian girls? But there are some pre-cautions.

One should know for sure how to separate the fillet from the bones, i.e. genuine girls from the scammers on AnastasiaDate. Experienced male users have already composed the list of dating tips.

It concerns analyzing a girl’s profile, her initial message and the next ones, and especially the process of video chatting or the meeting organization. But, once you analyze all you’ll be ok.

Times are difficult in Ukraine and Russia nowadays, and it leads to a girls’ serious attitude even if before some of them were just playing. It’s very real to find a partner on AnastasiaDate.

No. 1. Brilic

Finally it’s a fresh and modern app that doesn’t make things difficult. Even without marital agencies being involved, it manages to be a very strong magnet for single Russian women.

How so? First of all, it offers a very interesting and informative dating blog covering various topics. All articles are in Russian which is attractive for all Eastern European girls without exception.

Secondly, this app is considered really trendy, with pleasant design, interesting new features, and these important psychological advantages are absent even on Badoo. Women love this app.

Finally, Brilic charges male users and it may seem a bit costly, which has all the good sides. Men don’t have to prove they can afford a relationship on a distance or a new family.

Women don’t have to endlessly test their chosen one risking to annoy him. Paying for the subscription that isn’t cheap, he calms them down from the beginning that he’s reliable.

After all, it’s a necessary guarantee that such a risky project as a distanced relationship, is going to work. Many of Russian women sincerely want it to work, and put their efforts as well.

apps to meet Russian women

How to date a Russian girl online and offline

Moscow is a very hectic city, always busy, with a big traffic on the streets, people are in hurry and they don’t want to listen or to help. It’s good for the night game at clubs but not the day game.

Lots of men prefer to go other big cities for meeting a girl, such as St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Tatarstan, or others. Time there flows slower, and people are calmer.

Aside from very bright and impressive Instagram models, there are still plenty of classical girls in Russia without makeup, with natural wavy hair, wearing neat and pretty clothes.

This old-fashioned type of girls even has a local name, Varvara Krasa, which can be translated as Barbara Beauty. They aren’t all virgins of course but they have a fleur of innocence.

It feels very refreshing for a western man in whose country even teenagers are already severely spoiled and vulgar. Many consider Varvara Krasa the most perfect wife material on Earth.

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However, such classy and traditional women demand an according treatment. One should be polite with them, take care of their parents, have a basic knowledge about Russian culture.

Both predatory type and Varvara type of women use dating apps, but the first type is there 24/7 trying to catch a perspective man while a second type is rarely online, they have other duties.

So, for conquering such a girl in Russia, one has to be patient. Another important strategy is never being vulgar. Even if you want them badly, express that in the most romantic way.

It may seem hypocrite, but it isn’t, remember Russian society isn’t very westernized yet and they do have the old-times values. A good wife of girlfriend is a faithful one.

Russia is certainly the best country for finding a woman who would be both beautiful and faithful, sexy and smart, pretty and educated, and much more. It’s a high quality and you may enjoy it.