There are top popular places for hookuping, and the gym is one of them. Did you know that? Guys do not limit themselves with just flirting at the gym, they have sex there.

  • Shower. Even if the shower is doorless, it is used for sex before and after the official hours of work, with the light off and warm exciting water running.
  • Gym WC. This classical place is always in high demand, as more as it is kept especially clean and sanitized in the modern gym. Guys use it as well.
  • Exercise machines. The treadmills surely aren’t very comfortable for hookups, but many other machines at the gym are. Men do experiment a lot.
  • Locker rooms. It would be a pity to lose such an opportunity as locker rooms are often available even during the working hours. It feels pretty exciting.
  • Floor. The floor is such a classical place for free hookups too, especially when covered with the floormats. Guys are fighting for the key from the gym.

Why is this place in the top of favourites? Because it’s public enough to catch the sexiest girls, but also secretive enough to arrange the hot brief meeting.