Why would anyone need to know the difference?

Ukrainian and Russian girls’ sexuality

Cultural habits that may affect the relationship


Why would anyone need to know the difference?

Both Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful and sexy, and if not political events of the 2014, people of the world wouldn’t even know the difference between these two nationalities.

Now we know these are two different countries, but what else can we say about Russian and Ukrainian girls? Who make better girlfriends for single western men, first of second ones?

Lots of men chose between these two countries relying on practical reasons only: the necessity of visa or its absence, the cost of airplane tickets, accommodations cost, and so on.

But if one has all possibilities to travel to any of these destinations, it’s better to chose by a bigger number of factors, and especially to take into account the advantages of girls.

There are some men, mostly women’s haters, who believe all women are the same anyway, since they have same body parts and same demands from a man. It’s an offensive theory.

Yes, in general it’s so but one cannot apply the same dating principles to Asian and Latin American women, for example. It would be a bit illogical to admire these two types equally.

When we want a life partner and not a hookup mate, our demands grow even bigger. We need a very exact type of a person we’ll be spending every day and night with.tender Russian beauties

Her appearance, heritage, character, cultural habits, everything matters. Choosing a person has way more nuances than picking an exact piece of the furniture for our house, right?

While choosing, we cannot just say common words like we would like to find our second half or our Ms. Right. There are certain traits that are unacceptable or non-desirable for us in marriage.

It’s normal if we want to avoid these traits in our future partner. Who is wise and emotionally mature enough to accept just any God’s sent mate? She may be incompatible with us in some regards.

So we would have to work a lot on ourselves and on our couple to make it work. Many people prefer an easier way and decide from the beginning they want only this or that type.

The more we know about our own demands and desires, the better our search results are and the stronger relationship we will build with the one we found online or offline.

That’s why it’s crucial to study the difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls in detail, and to fully realize it prior to deciding whether you’ll go to Moscow or Kyiv.


Ukrainian and Russian girls’ sexuality

We all start our search from setting criterions connected with physical parameters, and judge a person by physical data. Just recall Tinder where the search is based on such superficial qualities.

One quick glance, and we already make our positive or negative decision! What helps us to do that? Psychologists think modern people are visually oriented on very obvious sexiness.

Sexy postures, clothes, makeup, all this should either signalize to us about a girl being a sexual predator, or her readiness to be a sexual slave. There are special codes to define that.

That’s why we swipe so fast. Our brain quickly determines whether a person looks provocative, or not. We surely can miss other bits of important information if we judge like that.

But it’s reality, we start estimating a potential partner from measuring her level of sexiness. So, would our primary instincts rather highlight the Russian lady or Ukrainian lady?

Well, women of both nationalities can be called extremely sexy. The difference is that Russian girls usually express their sexuality in a milder manner. So it’s up to you.Russian lady or Ukrainian lady

If a provocative sexiness is exactly what you seek, Ukrainian girls suit you better. It happens for many reasons. It would take too long to go into their mixed ethnic heritage.

Traditionally, life in Russia is busier and more stressful, while in Ukraine it is more relaxed, despite of political tension and severe financial limitations. First of all, the climate is warmer.

It makes people in Ukraine a bit lazier, they often spend their time on a beach, do water sports, dance, celebrate something, enjoy street festivals. Because of that, Ukraine resembles Brazil.

Women’s open clothes of bright colours, contrasting combinations such as black, red, and white, are very frequent in Ukraine. It looks even brighter along with a typical Ukrainian appearance.

Black hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and full sensual lips are typical there indeed. There are many Ukrainian songs dedicated to women’s dark eyes and black eyebrows that are mesmerizing.

While Russian women who often happen to have a Baltic or Finno-Ugric origin, would rather be seducing you with their pinkish skin, white or light blue babydoll dresses, and a cute hairstyle.

So which kind of sexuality is more attractive to us? Hollywood and mass media teach us to prefer the aggressive type of sexuality, so we do. It’s rather the Ukrainian type.

But some men are old-fashioned enough to understand that a mild femininity is extremely rare in a today world filled with trannies and feminism fighters. It makes tender Russian beauties so valuable.


Cultural habits that may affect the relationship

If to ask some American husbands why they brought new wives exactly from the Philippines or from China, they shall always find detailed answers to this question. Because they know why!

For example, Filipina women are known for their submissive behaviour in a bed, willing to satisfy and obey their man, and they are normally happy with little things, a modest lifestyle.

It’s a strong reason to make them life partners, although they have strong disadvantages too, and it’s also within their national mentality. Let’s see what can be said about Russians and Ukrainians.

Ukrainian women are awesome chefs. It’s normal for them to cook like if it was a high class restaurant. Traditional Ukrainian dishes are guaranteed, but they also usually know the world cuisine.

Russian women almost never cook. Single mothers and divorced females can cook some soup or fry potatoes but that’s their maximum. Sandwiches are also a typical quick Russian meal.

If you are fond of cooking, used to have a maid, or go out to eat a few times a day, then a Russian wife is ok for you. But if not, then you should chose Ukrainian one and enjoy her meals.difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls

Then, Russian women like to sleep late while Ukrainian girls like to wake up early. It’s a phenomenon that is also explained by their geographic situation and typical weather.

Mornings in Russia are gloomy, cold, unwelcoming, always busy with the urgent stuff and stressful thanks to drunk neighbours or relatives. Who would be happy to wake up and go out?

Mornings in Ukraine are sunny, relaxed, peaceful, people always try to chose work they could get late to, in order to walk on a beach first of do some jogging there. Nice reasons to wake up!

Of course, it’s just a long-time habit and it can be eventually changed. But if it matters for you when you two are going to wake up daily and how active you are going to be, chose wisely.

The next point we would like to mention, it’s girls’ attitude towards a family: both yours and her family members. Although traditions are strong in all Slavic cultures, there is some difference.

It’s interesting that Ukrainian women are welcoming each guest with a great hospitality, they cook many dishes, and present many presents to each family member without reason.

But at the same time, they get cold easily and do not contact parents or relatives for weeks once their private life is settled up or they relocated to another country.

They only need their parents again when they give birth but want to party often. So, basically, Ukrainian girls’ attitude towards a family is always practical and explained by exact motives.

While Russian women seem to be less hospitable at first glance, they do not open their doors for everyone and do not cook a lot, well maybe some vodka and a little snack but that’s all.

They do not present many gifts to each other or to family members, but they stand for them in any situation, and they will stand for yours no matter what happens. Take this into attention and decide.